Our Services

  • Commercial

    Professional commercial lighting enhances the ambience of your space. Whether a small boutique workplace or a large commercial office, our commercial lighting design consultants, since 1995, continue to provide innovative and cost-effective lighting schemes. We know that commercial lighting influences the look, feel and perception of a room. That's why our commercial lighting specialists work closely with every client to guide you through...

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  • Residential

    From ambient lighting to feature lights and accents, our residential lighting design services have been bringing buildings to life for over 25 years. Like other areas of design, great home lighting design appears almost invisible. It should be in the background, subtly. But when poorly done, it’s right there in your face. By working with highly experienced residential lighting consultants, you can be...

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  • Architectural

    At IJF Lighting, we help architects and interior designers deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective lighting schemes for all kinds of architectural lighting design projects. From effective task lighting to creating stunning atmospheres for your project, our specialist architecture lighting design experts understand how dramatically great quality architectural lighting can make a difference. For cost-effective lighting controls, no matter the size of your...

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  • Industrial

    Industrial lighting design, although one of the easiest lighting sectors to complete, requires attention and care. Depending on the usage of the area and lighting level required, high bay or low bay lighting is generally used. These can be linear, square or circular in appearance; complete with different wattages and distributions. At IJF lighting, all lighting controls are advised including daylight savings and...

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