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    Working with Anolis Lighting (UK) and Anolis Lighting (CZ)

    With custom handrail with recessed Arcline Outdoor Mini, Arcline Outdoor 40MC and ArcSource Outdoor 16/24MC INT a variety of lighting effects have been achieved over these 2 different styles of bridge

    ArcLine Outdoor Mini  has been fixed to custom handrail to hide the fixture and run the cables down the supports to the underside of the bridge, ArcSource Outdoor and Arcpad 48 Fixctures have been used to illuminate the main support cables and the central circular structure, with programming from Experience Lighting and the Pharos control system the effect required by the client was achieve.

    One the flat style (X) bridge, the Arcline Outdoor 40MC was mounted on the top of each X section (4 Per X Section), with the non optic used, the lighting was reflected back down from the surface above creating a complete glow that could be seen from over 5km away.

    All cables where hidden where possible and all 7 bridges had control via Pharos and where also connected together to give complete control.

Doha Bridge

X Structure Bridge
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