Lusail Bridge Project

  • YEAR :
  • LOCATION : Doha, Qatar
  • CATEGORY : Exterior
  • PARTNER : www.anolis.cz
  • PARTNER : www.vi-qatar.com/

Concrete Bridges

The fixtures that we specified meet the requirements of the client, these were offer a good coverage and be invisible when looking up from ground level. One each of the X sections there were 4 linear non-optic fixtures mounted direct to the structure, with each set of 4 controlled by a central power supply.

Steel Bridges

Not only were there concerns for car drivers and the effects of the wildlife living n the sea with light spill, but with fixtures being installed into a hand rail, we had work to do! Each of the compact linear fixtures had a custom-made bracket to fit the custom handrail manufactured by the construction company. Each of the 4 fixtures has their own remote power supply mounted below the bridge.

Project came direct from the partners in Doha, the brief to illuminate the underside of the 5 concrete bridges and 2 steel bridges, all with different characteristics.

The central wheel has been illuminated form below the road surface to avoid any glare to vehicles driving over the bridge, these are to be programmed to give the effect that the wheel is actually turning, each of the fixtures for the central wheel offered an integral power supply, this offers a faster install with Power and data being linked via a supplied junction box. Due to access concerned for the support cable fixtures they were supplied with the remote power option.

All 7 Bridges are controlled via Pharos control system with predetermined programs uploaded – Construction continues on site.


Doha, Qatar